Kadenang Ginto Recap: Marga hears the truth about Cassie
Jan 3, 2019
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Kadenang Ginto: Week 13 Recap - Part 1
Kadenang Ginto December 31-January 2, 2018 Episode

Daniela (Dimples Romana) gets the shock of her life upon encountering Alvin (Eric Fructuoso) again. To make matters worse, Alvin threatens to reveal her dark secrets. Later, Daniela's suspicion of Carlos’ (Adrian Alandy) extramarital affair intensifies. Meanwhile, Cassie (Francine Diaz) gets worked up after learning that Marga (Andrea Brillantes) managed to snag her role in the school play. Elsewhere, Myrna (Aleck Bovick) tries to find ways of siphoning money from the Mondragons.

Looking forward to headlining the school play, Marga’s (Andrea Brillantes) big star moment gets taken away from her due to allergies. Adding to the young Bartolome's worries, Cassie (Francine Diaz), of all people, replaces her for the said role. Consumed with rage, the young Bartolome lays the blame on her parents. Daniela (Dimples Romana), on the other hand, accuses Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) of ruining her relationship with Carlos (Adrian Alandy). As tension rises between the blood rivals, Daniela drops a bombshell, leaving Marga in total shock.

After discovering Cassie’s (Francine Diaz) true identity, Marga (Andrea Brillantes) becomes determined to fight for her place in the Mondragon household. She then wastes no time in imposing her will on the hapless house helpers. However, this does not sit well with Cassie (Francine Diaz), who remains perplexed by her parents’ sudden strictness. Robert (Albert Martinez), on the other hand, issues a stern warning to Daniela (Dimples Romana). Meanwhile, Gino (Nikko Natividad) and Jude (Luke Conde) are growing suspicious of Kulas (Ronnie Lazaro) and Jessa’s (Sheree Bautista) closeness.

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Recap Cast:

Francine Diaz (Cassandra, Cassie) / Andrea Brillantes (Margaret, Marga) / Dimples Romana (Daniela) / Joko Diaz (Hector) / Eric Fructuoso (Alvin) / Kim Molina (Savannah) / Kyle Echarri (Kristoff, Tope) / Julie Esguerra (Leslie Joy, LJ) / Bea Basa (Fatima) / Albert Martinez (Robert) / Arnold Reyes (Bernard) / Ronnie Lazaro (Kulas) / Adrian Alandy (Carlos) / Beauty Gonzalez (Romina) / Sheree Bautista (Jessa) / Aleck Bovick (Myrna) / Nikko Natividad (Gino) / Luke Conde (Jude) / Susan Africa (Esther) / Kat Galang (Bonita)