Best Buffets Philippines Episode 1: Niu by Vikings SM Aura Bonifacio Global City
Mar 17, 2017
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Best Buffets Philippines Episode 1: Niu by Vikings SM Aura Premier Bonifacio Global City. Niu is the lavish buffet concept of the Vikings Restaurant Group which differentiates itself through gourmet dishes, elegant interior design, plush seating and live entertainment. It is located at the posh SM Aura Premier Mall in Bonifacio Global City. Niu by Vikings has 9 live food and drink stations with more than 300 dishes and drinks. The 9 Stations are: Cold, Japanese, Beverage, Pan Asian, Chinese, Grill, Carving, Continental and Dessert.
As this buffet is pricier than other non-hotel buffet restaurants like Buffet 101, Dad’s World Buffet, Yakimix Prime, Sambokojin, to get the value for your money is more difficult but manageable. Remember that stomach space is valuable and limited so focus only on the big ticket protein items and less carbohydrates. The buffet stretches over a 100 meters so it makes perfect sense to wear comfortable shoes.
Starting at the Beverage Station you will have a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, we focused on their White and Red wines to pair with our chilled seafood and cheeses. Ice Cold Draft San Miguel Beer with the Steamed suahe and Hot Sake with our Japanese dishes and fresh watermelon shakes and infused waters to refresh the palette. They also have a selection of imported beer like Tiger Miller, MF, and Chang.
The cold station is one of our favorites at this buffet and we highly recommend the chilled New Zealand Black Mussels, Slipper Lobster, Lumpfish Caviar, Crabs and while there make sure to cut a few slices of Spanish Manchego cheese which is made from milk of the manchega Sheep breed.
The Japanese station may look good from far but is far from good as while the colorful assorted maki’s may tempt your eyes it lacks the sashimi choices like ikura and uni to take it to the next level. We suggest to stay away from the maki rolls and focus on a few slivers of the mainstream sashimi that they do have salmon and tuna and a few pieces of their tempura as long as it was freshly cooked.
The weakest station would have to be the Pan Asian as there was nothing that caught our attention aside from the Fried Whole Mahi Mahi display.
We spent a good deal of time returning to the Chinese station for the steamed suahe and crabs as well as sautéed vegetables. From their dimsum only the shrimp dumplings stood out but we would have preferred the wrapper to be thinner. Take note you can ask the Chef for a special order of Chili Salt & Pepper crabs.
From the Grill Station the only two itms to order would be their Lamb Kebab and Gindara with Teriyaki Sauce.
Carving stations at buffets are notorious for always serving dry meat as they tend to get overcooked while sitting pretty underneath 150 watt suspended heat lamps. At Niu this sadly was also the case so make sure to choose your cut of the New Zealand Garlic and Rosemary studded Lamb Leg with mint sauce and US prime rib with mushroom gravy just so you got your bases covered. The signature dish at Vikings has always been their Lechon Belly or roasted pork belly and this is worth having at least two servings of as it is crispy, aromatic and just so addictive!
The continental station has wood fired pizzas, fresh pastas and stewed European dishes but the only thing we used to gorge on is unlimited foie gras. Unfortunately it wasn’t part of the buffet on this visit. Currently the only other venue that serves unlimited foie gras is the legendary Spiral Buffet at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza.
The dessert station is massive with local desserts, assorted cakes and pastries, fresh fruits, halo-halo, frozen yoghurt, crepes, chocolate fonduefountains, churros and to top it off artisanal ice cream and gelato.
Niu is more than just a Viking’s Buffet it is an offering to the gods, a celebration of life, appreciation for food and a welcome addition to Manila’s evolving Buffet scene. Thanks for watching, if you liked this review please click on the like button, subscribe and share with your friends and feel free to leave us message on your experience.

NIU by Vikings
6th Floor SM Aura Premier Mall
26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Philippines
Tel: +632 478-3888, 847-3888
Mobile: +63 917 586-6888, +63 919 999-6888

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