Drawing a Round Hole - Trick Art with Graphite Pencil - By Vamos
Jun 6, 2017
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Yes, look at this! How to draw a round hole with graphite pencil. Drawing a round hole for kids and adults. Easy anamorphic illusion on line paper. Artistic drawing with Vamos. Cool drawing 3d hole.
✅ Hungarian anamorphic artist Sandor Vamos creates incredible trick-of-the-eye,
► https://mymodernmet.com/3d-drawings-anamorphic-art-sandor-vamos/
• Material used:
Paper: A/4, white.(Fabriano Elle Erre 220 g.)
STABILO graphite pencil HB.
Plastic rulers.
Plasticine eraser.
♪ Music:
1. Don't Look - Silent Partner,
2. Right Place - Silent Partner,
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By Sandor Vamos. I'm Hungarian.
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