Aug 10, 2017
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Without climbing mountains and roaming around the corners of our country, these students found out where are these 'Modern' Igorots live to continue their tradition and culture along the busiest city of Metro Manila. Let us take a view of the colorful tradition, culture, and beliefs of this Ethnic group who just proved how rich our country is. Don't miss this out. Eye Witness Documentaries featuring iGOROT. by North Fairview High school student. Edited and directed by Jayson H. Tapong produced by Group 2, Grade 11 students from the section of HUMSS 1A, North Fairview High School. In partial fulfilment of the subject Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics ................................................... attn. All the resouces such as clips are improperly credited and acknowledged. And we are to upload this video for academic purpose only, we're not intentionally taking away your rights to be acknowledged thus we'd just forgot some of the source, anyways we appreciate you for being part of this success. Thank you for underdtanding!😊