Japan's Miyazaki Chicken: The TASTIEST Chicken in The World?!
Jan 4, 2017
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The BEST Tastiest Chicken in the world is claimed by the Japanese to be from Miyazaki. Miyazaki Chicken is raised to be the best tasting and most flavorful whether fried or bbq.

The restaurant I went to

The cost for the dishes I had(tax excluded)
Boiled Chicken Inners with Ponzu Sauce: $4
Charcoal Grilled Thigh and Breast: $16/$8(Small)
Chicken Tempura: $5/$4(Small)
Heart Skewers: $2
Liver Skewers: $2.5
Grilled Chicken with Leek Skewers: $2.5
Fried Chicken with Sweetened Vinegar and Tartar Sauce: $6/$4
Deep Fried Cartilage: $4.5/$3.5(Small)
Tamago-yaki(Omelet): $5

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