Top 10 Luckiest & Brilliant Drivers in the world!!!
Mar 25, 2017
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Are These The Luckiest Nurburgring Drivers Of 2017 So Far?
This is the astonishing moment that a driver miraculously escapes a head-on collision with a lorry before his vehicle then slams into a coach.
These 10 car, truck, and bus drivers will blow your mind! Though they do indeed get into some very sticky situations, they each are able to drive their ways out of near certain disaster and possibly even death! Click play and check out that ugly orange truck trying to get to the top of a snowy hill… Wow, how does this driver keep from sliding sideways or downward down that hill and possibly even tumble down it? That Jeep SUV somehow navigating down a man-made metal hill on just its front wheels (AMAZING!) will blow your mind. As will the big truck at the number eight spot that drifts around an icy corner and right into the narrow opening in a warehouse. And, there are seven more awesome driving displays on this great driving video.
The close call happened along a fast stretch of road in Kaluga Oblast, Russia.